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P is for Pterodactyl Book and Plush

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No words are too wacky for this pterosaur. This pleasingly purple Pterodactyl is the exceptional extinct companion needed for this hilariously hip, unconventional alphabet book P IS FOR PTERODACTYL: THE WORST ALPHABET BOOK EVER and the sequel NO READING ALLOWED: THE WORST READ-ALOUD BOOK EVER by Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter. Read along with this plush doll and discover a new world of eccentric words like bdellium, Ouija, and Oaxaca! What off-the-wall words will 'ewe' tackle next? P is for Pterodactyl doll measures 8. 5” seated. Safe for all ages, perfect for ages 3 to 8. Surface wash only. MerryMakers is a small company that cares about big things. Our high-quality, child-safe dolls and toys are based on the best children's book characters. Promoting imaginative play and literacy is job #1!